The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: Aaron Draplin “300 Episodes Later”

The Best Of The Circle Of Trust Year Two: 15/20
AID 304

Aaron Draplin is back on Adventures In Design exactly 300 episodes later and he’s not happy with our host. Mark stated that Draplin’s original episode (AID Episode 4) wasn’t his favorite episode and a professional regret (due to his own performance). Draplin explains why he’s not happy with Mark taking these feelings to the air instead of taking them direclty to him. Hear a honest and unedited exchange between one guy who’s trying to protect his reputation and good standing and a another guy who’s try to right his professional and personal wrongs. Can Draplin make peace with Brickey? Can Brickey interview the real Aaron Draplin? Who knows? But we do know that classic rock, country music and Bob Seger heal all wounds, as the guys bond over Uncle Tupelo and the Silver Bullet. Sit back and enjoy this unedited double episode of Adventures In Design. It’s refreshing how real this conversation is!