MOT: Cassette 01 of 10 "The Story of You"

MISSION OF TRUST: Cassette 01 of 10

We are taking the first week to uncover who you are and what makes you unique. Get a notebook, start a Google Doc, make a new note on your phone... just make sure you can access this document anywhere. Write down how you react to content you absorb and study people when they interact with you. Keep notes on your thoughts and other people's reactions as you go through the week to develop a blueprint of yourself and a building block to next week's content. Share your progress with us to become a part of the content and tell a friend to get them on board with the Mission Of Trust as it rolls out for the next ten weeks.

"You will need to have your shit figured out."

Talking Points

  • Establish your monthly budget.

  • Getting your oxygen mask on first.

  • Fighting for change through design.

  • Planning out the next ten weeks to be in a position to give.

  • The one easy actionable step... next week.

  • How to plot out what makes you and your business better.

  • Being over prepared and using fear as a motivation instead of a paralyzing factor in your life.

  • Reverse engineering reactions.

  • How would solve a creative problem differently?

  • What do you absorb and respond to?

  • Learning how to rely on yourself in times of trial.

  • Share your progress.