644 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OKpants

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Bang that drum because Shop Talk is here and ready to rumble. Mark, Billy, and OKpants have teamed up around the proverbial water cooler to dish dirt, share stories, and drop chicken nuggets like there's no tomorrow. How much does your name truly affect your life and how you are perceived? If you could have a dream team of five people what would they be doing for you? Are you held down by a customer first mentality that isn't leaving you creatively fulfilled? Get ready to dive into the deep end with your favorite coworkers as they tackle issues and dole out advice to prepare you for the next big steps on your own journey. Sechrist out!

Talking Points

  • Delicious gets gothic and makes an Ambrose alert. 
  • Getting Raw with the cast of Hammer Time and fans who cross over. 
  • How much does your name affect your life?
  • Flushing out a dream team of five people to help you achieve your dreams for five years. 
  • Altering the structure at Delicious Design League to better utilize everyone's talents. 
  • Billy faces off against Aaron in a boxing match of his dreams. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Developing the proper timeline to think about your customer. 
  • How do you approach the artboard?
  • Hoping for hits and staying creatively fulfilled. 
  • Gauging your market.
  • Darlings that remake themselves and icons that fade away. 
  • Forward thinking design aesthetics or communicating with your customer. 
  • PSAs from Billy, Mark, and OKpants. 
  • Delicious Design League presents at Duotone at Gallery F. 
  • VR on the cultural horizon and the slow disconnect from one another. 



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