640 - Shop Talk with OKpants and Billy Baumann


It's time for another drum banging, shop talking, Slack slandering with Mark, Billy, and OKpants on the mics making your life a little bit better one minute at a time. Summer is coming to a close but these bad boys have a few more good times planned out before it's all over. Was going to college a waste of money? How did Delicious make it through some recent tight financial times? What's up with the jerks at Guitar Center who always think they know better than you? Today's Shop Talk gets into all those answers and more as the boys swap stories around the hypothetical water cooler that is Adventures In Design. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The disruption of the disco train and how trends have always affected the arts. 
  • Poster Children poems. 
  • Staying in college or joining the workforce and the prospects on either horizon. 
  • Are colleges a money pit?
  • Billy shares how DDL weathered the storm of tight financial times. 
  • Responding to the Circle Of Trust's responses, a potential Shop Talk band in the making, and another "must be nice" moment.
  • Don't let the unfollow button hit you on the way out. 
  • The Cocaine Guy at the Mayweather fight, the unsung heroes who shoot the peripheral, and losing a social media wager. 
  • The permanent ten percent set aside for offspring. 
  • Having the space to create and not controlling the outcome. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Talent, timelines, and getting to the top. 
  • Talking down to people who you think know less than you (we're looking at you Guitar Center employees). 
  • Slack Slander. 
  • Where are the hard workers that are the life blood of our nation?
  • Summer's best moments. 



Things seem to be financially moving along ok for the time being (Thanks Obama) but Mark and Billy break down some upcoming financial info you'll wish you were ready for instead of having a "must be nice" moment when it all comes crashing down.

Don;t skip over this Logo Show. Dan Stiles, Billy, and Mark give out a lot of chicken nuggets but be sure to get all the way to the end for the first episode of Billy On The Beat and join in on some of that Slack Slander or dole out a compliment he was fishing so hard for.

You think colleges are the only "established" place trying to take creative's hard earned dollars while providing almost nothing in return? Get ready for the real world and start expecting something in return from these places that claim to help. Mark starts here with the AIGA.