634 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

Cover Design by fellow Circle of Trust Member Books Engel   nowherelandsupply.com

Cover Design by fellow Circle of Trust Member Books Engel nowherelandsupply.com

What do you really want to achieve in this life? Do you know what it takes to get there? Would you like some wind in your sails? Mark and Sean are here for you with some Circle Of Trust Exclusive Shop Talk that has a little bit of everything you need. It gets fun. It gets introspective. It lets those bastards at Sony know that we definitely don't need them for anything at all. Hang out with your favorite podcasting duo as they talk some shop, talk some pop, and break all the rules of professional broadcasting to keep you entertained. Mark lets us all in on his struggle to pivot in his career to focus on AID and the unshakeable motivation it takes to follow your dreams against all odds. It won't be easy. There will be doubt. But as Dark Brickey opens up about the doubt that will torment you and the uncertainty that might feel overwhelming you realize that no matter what you're dream is... it's also worth fighting for. 

Talking Points

  • Reactions, intentions, and even more monumental missteps from President Troll. 
  • Fanning the flames of racism in the American People. 
  • Pop talk pitch ins from the COT. 
  • The freedom in side stories.
  • Another streaming service rears its mouse ears for your $9.99 with their incredibly full catalog. 
  • Mitch The Map Maker gets a nod and why he pulled the plug on Pwints. 
  • Good meth on an even better high speed chase that ruined Baby Driver. 
  • Weiner returns with Russia. 
  • Dan and Dave want to explore racism on HBO. 
  • The VMA's risky set design trends that reflect their target market's unfortunate tastes. 
  • Sitting across from a guy that can immediately put some much needed wind in your sails. 
  • Deriving emotional value from metrics that don't have any real world applications. 
  • Bad ideas on paper that are the only things worth fighting for.
  • AID 2.0 and the people that came along for the ride. 
  • Is Mark really a cat person?

Build some confidence and find your voice as two broadcasters interview each other on the rough road to making it all look so easy. Carrlyn shares her personal journey and Mark finds the parallels on his own.

If you're going to follow your dreams you'll need some steady ground to build off and that all starts with your finances. Get a grip on the comings and goings of your bank account with Mark and Sean.

Mark got interviewed by the guys in the Master On One Podcast and sheds some light on a few things you probably haven't heard before. If you've had questions about AID the guys in Mo1 asked them right here.