633 - July Poster Countdown with Mitch Putnam




The work coming out of the poster scene this year is more impressive than it's ever been and July is certainly no exception. Mitch Putnam of OMGposters joins Mark for the July Poster Countdown where these two veterans of the industry pour over pieces to break down what sets them apart from the crowd and other behind the scenes tidbits that shed light on the reality of producing them. Composition, typography, color palettes, and more are upturned to critique posters created for movies, music, and pop culture that straddle the thin line between fine art and commercial art. What are the extra steps these creatives take to catch the eye of hard core collectors and the hearts of newbies wondering why everyone cares about an expresso bean? This is the largest countdown we've ever undertaken between the July's Top Ten, Mondo's releases from San Diego Comic Con, and a few other triumphs in screenprinting lifted from OMGposters.com that can't go unnoticed. Get ready to learn from some of the best artists in the scene who aspire to be so great that people in the near future will be ripping off the hard work they're putting out now.

Talking Points

  • An unprecedented, long running series where the creator still makes the art. 
  • Scale and rendering to control the story of your work. 
  • The tap dance of focus and release.
  • Polarizing posters from Tom Whalen and judging an artist on their own curve. 
  • Can you do the work you believe in regardless of the limitations surrounding it? 
  • Compositions that make an impact and drawing influences from the peers you admire. 
  • The permanently raised bar of the poster scene. 
  • Studying Half Hazard Press to see where to improve your own work. 
  • Finding the underserved fan bases. 
  • Having fun, inventive ideas that explore what can be done in your medium. 
  • Which way do you hang it?
  • Achieving light through screen printing. 
  • Telling a story that leaves your audience wanting more. 
  • Appreciation of the craft and the finances behind slower paced artists. 
  • Controlling your viewer's eye through rendering. 
  • Movement, intensity, and other effective tools in an illustrators arsenal. 
  • Workflow, work, and the discipline of controlling when to kick it into overdrive. 
  • The continual exploration of Kevin Tong on his artistic journey. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Should you suffer through the comic book industry as a training ground for poster work?
  • Understanding character development and conveying mood in your piece. 
  • Alluding to an older composition in a series and other incredible feats by Jock. 
  • The fine line of appearing purposeful in simplicity. 
  • Unfair hate for live action updates. 
  • Wild color palettes and other risks Ken Taylor still isn't afraid to take. 
  • Are you being ripped off or was your fingerprint ever really that large?
  • Uncovering new illustration techniques and artist's leaving breadcrumbs in their groundbreaking pieces. 
  • An old look that people like that carefully requires authenticity. 
  • Well thought out compositions that are comprised of countless moving parts from the artwork itself to the subject matter. 
  • On brand work that resonates with the story you're depicting. 
  • Setting the tone with your brushstrokes.l and the triple threat of looking retro, painterly, and screen printable. 
  • Leaving your viewer with a feeling and an unfortunately large copyright. 

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