612 - Seasons of The Snake No.007 - Summer 2017 2.0 with Ben Neuhaus and Miranda Malloy of SnakeOilProvisions.com

Ben and Miranda are bringing you an all new Summer 2017 Special 2.0 Edition of Seasons Of the Snake. Why? Because men's fashion never sleeps and because it's finally time to announce the SOP 3.0 Grand Re-Re-Opening Party. Dive into an episode filled with the business behind looking good and how Snake Oil has filled out their larger storefront and brought in an expanded price point range. Later on, we get a look at some of the financial hurdles that come with running a business and determining how much of all that income is actually yours to spend. What about men's jewelry? What is the story behind 3sixteen? What in the hell is a sanitary belt? It's all here with Ben, Miranda, and Mark getting deeper and deeper into the rugged world of men's premium fashion.

Talking Points

  • New Long Beach versus Old Long Beach. 
  • Motorcycle piles, a Nocturnal Unicorn, and training at the VA. 
  • Side Slit Jones, C Pockets, and Triangle Boy. 
  • The story of 3sixteen. 
  • Darning.
  • Balancing data and design. 
  • Winning the SuperBowl with RRL and its effect on SOP's customer base. 
  • Expanding your price point range. 
  • The Wallabee move and other fashion power moves. 
  • Pant preferences. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Easing into the world of men's jewelry. 
  • Overcoming your hideous troll nature and sanitary belts in fashion colors too!
  • Metrics to the rescue. 
  • Stocking the new Snake Oil with intuition and developing new organizational systems. 
  • Responsibility, credit scores, and being penalized for owning a business. 
  •  When does the profit come out of the system and what is yours?
  • Buyer's remorse from two different perspectives. 
  • The art of negotiation and power moves. 

Last summer Mark and Ben sat down for a Season Of The Snake that coincided with out 400th episode. This was fresh off SOP 2.0 had opened and you can hear some of the growing pains one year ago compared to where they are now.

Mike Anderson is part of Tankfarm And Co. who is a fellow men's fashion shop owner just down the road from SOP in Seal Beach. With a few moves, a house brand, and a premium location you can hear more tales of retail in AID 411.

Done with Summer 2.0 on Seasons Of The Snake? Well then head over to Summer 1.0 to get some insight into SOP 3.0 and how Ben and Miranda traversed the murky waters of downtime and adding a few fresh faces to the payroll.