609 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and OKpants


Get out the drum and start banging your hardest because Shop Talk is here. Mark, Billy, and Pants circle the wagons to discuss the launch of Aaron's capsule collection and how on-demand printing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for an overworked designer. With quality at an all time high and fulfillment on your end a thing of the past, this cruel summer was a test for OKpants that he shares with us to help craft the shape of shops to come. Mark introduces an all new new segment that gets everyone sharing some hard earned truths that surround the free wheeling lifestyle of a creative. No matter how many drums you bang and no matter how many bosses you kill, the real question you need to ask yourself is... are you happy right now?

Talking Points

  • Fourth Of July shenanigans
  • OKpants.shop drops its first capsule collection.
  • Delegation as a dictator and learning when to take a step back. 
  • Rebranding the Secret Panel.
  • The next steps for OKpants and keeping your store alive via print on demand. 
  • Net Zero Inventory, pure profit, and the ability to effortlessly pivot. 
  • What is the going rate for a cut of the profit is from On Demand printing? 
  • Cloud life and tech support. 
  • Please drunk dial us at 1.855.553.7563

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • An unofficial cool from Billy. 
  • Credit cards, credit scores, and staying on today's three-year rate. 
  • Saving for retirement, getting ahead of the wealth accumulation game while you can, and overcoming shame. 
  • A case for real degrees that get real careers. 
  • Identity Theft, healthcare, and modern enslavement. 
  • Are you happy right now?
  • Elon breaks all the rules and the future of the automobile industry. 
  • The design of the Tesla 3. 


Back when BIlly and Mark were talking shop with the Backpack Champion himself, James Flames, they get into self initiated projects that can become passive income just like Pants' latest capsule.

Mark and Sean take an entire hour to share their tips and tricks form years in the trenches trying to save as a freelancer. You got a taste of it today, but when you're ready for the whole thing AID 599 is waiting.

A few things. A: Jordan Buckley is fun and after this Shop Talk we could use that. B: This also goes over creating passive income as a designer. C: No cover is more patriotic than this so it's only fitting to share now.