586 - Shop Talk Classic with Billy Baumann

A return to what made Shop Talk a classic part of the Adventures In Design Network. Billy Baumann and Mark Brickey get together to talk about all thing professional and personal on this Circle of Trust free-view episode. As a Memorial Day Weekend bonus today EVERYONE gets both the free part of the show and the Circle of Trust. If you enjoy what you hear today? Sign up and join the Circle of Trust at AIDpodcast.com

Talking Points

  • When freelancing robs yours freedom and deadlines take away your holiday weekend. 
  • Everybody hurts… sometimes. An in depth talk about depression and how seeking help through medication doesn’t “change you” it actually allows you to “return to being you”.
  • Dealing with suicide and the aftermath of losing someone you love, liked or looked up to. 
  • The lost years of your life between boy and man, girl and woman, how do you grow up when there’s no one to show you the way?
  • Old country traditions don’t always hold up to the new country’s expectations. The stress immigration puts on the parents and children of a massive cultural relocation. 
  • Can our generation be the worst generation ever for creating the proper grit our children need to succeed? 
  • How design icons are born not created. 
  • The slow death of the Co. design trend and the pain of figuring out what’s next. 

Circle Of Trust Talking Points

  • Why the Girl Scout’s logo is amazing and timeless. 
  • When it’s time to create timeless or timely design. 
  • Timeless design, the execution of without trend, how making a mark that last is the biggest challenge. 
  • MTV’s endless diversification of their branding. 
  • What’s the best timeless logo? 
  • How Coke defined Christmas and Pepsi lost their way. 
  • Apple Computer’s evolution of brand and icon. 
  • Creating narrative for your brand or design agency. 
  • Getting clients to realize how your current work transfers to their design needs. 
  • How Disney’s Cast Members crushed the Pride Parade. 
  • Getting over that client up of growing past the small clients but being perceived as big enough to get the next level of larger clients. 
  • Putting your best into your work, because you know it will deliver the best results. 
  • The importance of ownership.