585 - JP Connelly - Production Designer

JP Connelly is the production designer for NBC’s hit show The Voice, Top Chef, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party and Adam Carolla & Friends Build Stuff Live. Working with The Voice for the last 13 seasons has created a healthy flow of creative and financial success. Hear how JP Connelly guides his blooming design firm, personal goals and creativity into a future that builds upon this success and hopefully takes them all to great new heights. It’s not enough to just succeed anymore, but to learn how to lead that success into future growth and opportunities. 

Talking Points

Set design and production design as a character, a added element of drama and traffic flow of contestants to hosts.

Creating the best work for the client versus doing your signature style. 

Designing an experience, nothing has to be basic. 

Getting started with small projects, killing yourself to earn your reputation for the big stage. 

Running your business in a way where it doesn’t run you down. 

A healthy dose of fear will help your next big creative project.

Learning the difference between “We” and “I” when you build a business based off your personal identity. 

How Nick At Night birthed Netflix and binge watching. 

Designing the flow of a game show through production design. 

Trying to look at your own work like a stranger would. 

In The Circle of Trust (Bonus Content)

Adding new textures to What's Happening Live With Andy Cohen.

Award Shows the greatest drama of unscripted television. 

Making safe mistakes and realizing some rules can’t be broken. 

Hear two grown men fight over “favorite” colors. 

Dudes are always trying to pick up something whether it’s chicks or dudes, the early career paths we take via libido.

Being insecure about your success and scared where to go next. 

How to transfer your success into other arenas and projects. 

Giving creative ownership of your business to your team. 

What does Mark’s TV set look like?