Best of Hammer Time - "The Road To The Betes"

Deep from the air conditioned offices of the VGHC Warehouse comes another installment of Hammer Time. Join Mike Hammer of the VGHC, his co-host Mark Brickey from AID, and Gustavo Jaimes from Torch Tattoo for some much needed hanging out after another month on the mean streets of Southern California. These rowdy friends are far from rowdying down as their stories take you from seedy extended family member antics to challenging the toughest designer in the world. This episode skates around the boys sincere love of food as they play the first ever round of “Build My Food Court,” give away long protected secret wing recipes, and unexpected shopping sprees at Whole Foods to save some green. Even emergency room visits to avoid post-nap comas can’t keep these committed straight edgers away from any type of fun they can cook up. Leave your job pride at the door with The Snake and The Mongoose because it always matters who you get, and you got Hammer Time.

Talking Points

  • The premiere of Build My Food Court on the AID Network. 
  • A snake, a dark horse, and DQ's one softball hit away. 
  • "You tell me when to stop."
  • Failed attempts at diversity, that one place that always tricks you, and the mirror you don't want to stare into. 
  • Fake News Beth and Hammer's trip to the hospital. 
  • Second Dinner for the straight edgers. 
  • Unnatural glasses, nauseating water and the first few warning signs of smelling like sugar. 
  • "It says... high."
  • Coma nap level sugar intake when you trick or treat everyday. 
  • Taking a nutritionist to Whole Foods gets your Big Dog card revoked. 
  • Mark's secret wing recipe revealed!
  • Stabber Bros., one week in glasses, and taking a shit in the Nova. 
  • Getting down with The Mongoose and The Snake because it matters who you get. 
  • Flying first class and a problem with job pride. 
  • Act as if...
  • Being born a cowboy, subtle cap changes, and tucked in teeshes.
  • Channeling the real Hank Williams and growing up the son of a construction worker. 
  • Troubling extended family members. 
  • Gadget excitement. 
  • Are you the toughest designer to ever?