The Crazy Tile Guy - Hammer Time Week Part 01


25 Minutes Of New Content

All week long the Hammer Time gang will be hanging out with you to remind the free listeners that the party has moved on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time.  However, for the Circle of Trust nothing changes. Every episode of Hammer Time will be delivered to the COT feed on every release day. 

As a bonus for the week, Hammer Time has some new content prepared for you every morning. Today the gang talks about wild employees and whatever else stumbles in front of their path. 

Please help Adventures In Design by telling a friend who you think would enjoy listening to Hammer Time to listen and subscribe on iTunes to Violent Gentlemen's Hammer Time. They don't have to know anything about art or design, only that they want a good time! Thanks, see you tomorrow when we do it all over again.