568 - Breaking News

Start your week off right with some Breaking News to expand your brain and improve your career. Mark Brickey and Sean Mort fearlessly tackle each and every question from listeners at all different stages in their creative endeavors. How do you develop a pricing structure on your products that doesn't encourage bad consumer behavior? Is consignment worth the hassles you're not currently seeing? Can you inject a sense of community into your social media? Would you save Dan or Nathan of DKNG if you could only pick one? The International Bromance brings you honesty in the face of adversity to give you the necessary tools to make it around that semi on the freeway only on Breaking News.

Talking Points

  • A real reason to celebrate, Northern Craft returns, and Henry flies too close to the sun. 
  • Branding work and gig posters all inside Sean's comfort zone. 
  • The importance of traveling for your craft. 
  • Star Wars Land ticketing strategies, PR spin on congestion, and loving Disneyland down to its core. 
  • How to develop a pricing structure that works the best for your business. 
  • Consignment isn't the best business practice to get your foot in the door. 
  • The cons of babysitting.
  • Audio recording equipment and the tips to get the most out of it all. 
  • Surprise European elections and shitty American politics. 
  • Exposure overdose, Pre-Med Pepper, and worrying about overstaying your welcome. 
  • Expanding past your niche. 
  •  Would you save DK or NG?
  • Strategies to get your merchandise to an event and guarantee to have something to sell. 
  • Talking to talented people on AID. 
  • Whether you're a business of one or one hundred, be a business. 
  • Subhuman treatment on a BrickeyLeaks expose about reading the fine print. 
  • Is there a way to inject more personality into your social media feed?
  • Being your biggest cheerleader and protecting your own image, kicking an old can that punches back, and other comments from COT Members. 
  • Framing the importance of an honest interview and how to apply the knowledge you gain from an interview. 
  • Go listen to Derek Welch and Mikel Cirkus right now. 

There is so much to learn from AID 562 no matter which way you look at it. Get an honest take on who Adidas is and where they are going from their Global Creative Director, Paul Gaudio.

Be inspired by Derek Welch as he takes a difficult circumstance and makes it into an experience that made him stronger. Life can throw you a few curveballs and you while you can't always be ready, you can adapt.

Mikel Cirkus forged his own path as a trend forecaster and lets us inside the mind of a man that truly knows how to sell himself and his unique view of the world. It's time to get conceptual and see the importance of it.