552 - Breaking News with Dan Stiles

It's time for some Breaking News with special guest anchor and electric poster maker Dan Stiles who is out on the front lines with Mark Brickey answering your questions. These two captains of industry have over four decades of collective experience in the world of design spanning everything from idea generation to client expectations to product production and everything in between. How do you get clients to see act on your valuable ideas? Should you broker extra services on top of your design work? Do you have all the decision makers in the room? That's just touching on a few of the topics Mark and Dan take on and explain in detail to help circumnavigate problems you're struggling with. Breaking News will provide you with sage wisdom, expert guidance, and a reason to google psychedelic polish movie posters all in one Circle Of Trust Exclusive episode.

Talking Points

  • An update on the logo show, electric posters, and Alpaca scams. 
  • Bumbershoot and Blankstock help on the horizon and a shift in the festival's core demo. 
  • Jumping in or shadowing a pro. 
  • Republicans try to Repeal Obamacare and fail to swap in a plan that isn't quite evil enough for their tastes. 
  • Alternate options for running a country with its blinders on. 
  • Educating your clients and learning how to work with designers. 
  • Getting decision makers in the room and crystal clear agreements. 
  • Variables on time and materials. 
  • Using digital content to generate traffic to your own website. 
  • Having ideas bigger than your clients can handle. 
  • Give them what they ask for and then give them something more. 
  • Finding your customer's margins. 
  • How to keep your clients hands off the wheel. 
  • Everything is a negotiation and being a General at your job. 
  • The pros and cons of responsibilities, time, and extra cash associated with brokering deals for your clients. 
  • Staying out of the middle. 
  • The arms race for the most detail and color in the fan art world. 
  • Doing something different mentally and graphically. 
  • Art versus the properties people love. 
  • How will the outliers be remembered in art history?
  • Psychedelic Polish movie posters that were made before the artist's even saw the movie. 
  • Rory Kurtz's Coach Taylor or DKNG's Death Star Schematic. 
  • Deregulation on Wall St. and getting in on the market when it's low. 
  • 20/20 hindsight and added value over time and marrying someone smarter than you. 
  • Be the person your dog thinks you are and not the person your cat knows you really are. 
  • Dad Juice and Helicopter Kids watching Rome burn. 
  • The last hurrah for crusty old white men and the future millennials see.

Need more actionable advice from Dan? Of course you do! AID 312 is a long, hard look at everything he learned from his pop up retail shop through the holidays in Portland, OR.

Mark and Dan mentioned this interview with Bob Smith of OreCal Sportswear a few times so be sure to hear about this go getter not afraid to take risks and show people how it's done.

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