535 - Dem Snicket Boyz: Part 01

After many restless days and lonely nights your favorite International Bromance return stronger than ever. Mark and Sean have been apart for too long and this is the first snippet from dem snicket boyz catching up, hanging out, and breaking it all down. From unveiling the secrets of public speaking to a new overseas sponsorship potentially on Mark's horizon, the antics ensue right form the start. Once the Breaking News starts breaking these two are serving up some serious advice about the art of negotiation and how to keep as much control of your creativity as possible. Not only do we get to hear how these skills apply directly to the question at hand from a fellow Trustee, but Sean also uses his own recent experiences with SXSW to detail the application of the concepts he and Mark unpack. This episode is an incredible example of why it's important to never stop learning, be present in the moment to reap the rewards in front of you, and sew the seeds of success for your tomorrow. 

Talking Points

  • Loving DK, DK, and NG and the three holes in Mark's heart.
  • Mr. Goldman and a surprise COT member.
  • The secret useless superhero power of public speaking and it's various paths.
  • Why you want the audience on your side while you find confidence.
  • Beth gets better and what we can learn from her journey.
  • Making a list to guide you through your speech and searching for notebooks in Mexico until you turn to the Lord.
  • The new AID schedule and how it's affecting the numbers.
  • iPhone 7+ pros, cons, and smashes.
  • Sean crests into professional broadcasting and Mark's potential Awesome Merch sponsorship.
  • Robert rises to official hero status.
  • Swinging, missing, and Mark's autobiography.
  • Unnoticed gold and the wet farts fans obsess over.
  • Storyteller strategies and potential programming about the happiest place on Earth.
  • The lonely future in store for all dad dicks and a secret COT Lil Fellers print.
  • Visiting the Fender Custom Guitar Shop and the few things that don't sell on the internet.
  • Real world applications of social media that move more units.
  • Buying and selling IP rights and learning how to break up a deal for more control.
  • Sean details his SXSW deal and how he bargained for more.
  • Understanding your value and sticking to your business ethics even when the going gets tough.
  • Being held harmless and why you always read contracts before you sign them.
  • Patches is almost here!