534 - Hammer Time with Ian Perkins

In Episode Two of Hammer Time co-hosts Michael Hammer and Mark Brickey meet up with Ian Perkins to talk about being the luckiest guy in the world and playing guitar for Brian Fallon on his solo records and with The Gaslight Anthem. The guys take a field trip to the Fender Guitar Custom Shop and learn all about the complicated art of guitar making and the many levels of craftsmanship it takes to be a Master Builder. Ian has built a life around doing good things for nice people and the opportunities that have come from his decisions are evident in a life many of us would kill to have Hang out with Mark, Mike, and Ian to talk sports, designing luck into your business, the art of manufacturing, and allowing yourself to make dreams come true by simply saying "yes." Ian is a prime example of how to stay motivated to help others and not just hoard money or fill up your arm with Bloodsugarsexmagik-esque tribal tattoos.

Violence Of The Month Award: Johan Segas
All it takes is patience and one well timed roundhouse.

Gentleman Of The Month Award: Make Hammer
For saving the life of a poor little pooch that needed some help and a loving home. Mike not only did the right thing, but also knew how much it would mean to his significant other as well to save another living creature and give it a fresh start.

Talking Points.

  • Black Teesh Masters, traveling deep into the center of Mark's heart, and kicking things off with some football talk.
  • Clinching the NHL Playoffs, iconically hitting the post, and the future of sports in an On Demand television model.
  • High sticking penalties.
  • A gentleman's wager and Pin Up Gus gets a freebie.
  • Falling into playing guitar with The Gaslight Anthem.
  • Helping good people out and responding to the opportunities that present itself.
  • Having a good time on stage and not having to sign autographs or take photos.
  • A needy, lucky guy with emotions and the ultimate rock gig.
  • Turning your girlfriend up to 11.
  • A day at the Fender Custom Shop and seeing the egg that came before the chicken.
  • Baseball bat necks.
  • Three decades of the worn out distressed look being in.
  • Nailing the pick guard from the inside out.
  • The guys who distress guitars for a living look exactly like guys who distress guitars for a living.
  • Master Builder Made guitars.
  • Is Ian ready and where would he go next?
  • Brand new achievements and finding something to write home about.
  • Johnny Mars, The Edge, Radio Ed, and earning the right to be at the top of the food chain.
  • Making something old that plays like new.
  • Dated tattoos from the Bloodsugarsexmagic era and fashion cycles.
  • Waking up for Watford and the quest for Clink.
  • Raider Game, Hell In A Cell, Knotfest, and the mall from Back To The Future all in one day.
  • Mark DID say gold.
  • Breaking down the strategies behind the Slap Shot Screening Event.
  • Enforcing the lifestyle that makes your brand.
  • How the Gents actually produced the custom hockey sweater for Slap Shot.
  • Selling out... of products
  • Tokyo Dave, Chinese New Year, and conducting international business with power naps in a nearby drawer. 
  • Inheriting a slam dunk and propping up the store with a system.
  • A land of memories or a double edged sword?
  • Sourcing at Magic that opens up completely new possibilities for your brand.
  • Walking the aisles of what's out there to get a solid grasp on how you can customize it.
  • ammer's sweet tooth and the All Male Kale Festival.