525 - Breaking News

Breaking News comes out swinging this week as Mark Brickey and Sean Mort take on more questions than ever before. The International Bromance unflinchingly marathon through our correspondants pressing issues with their collective experience to guide them. How do you keep your clients on a timeline that works for you? What are strategies to boost your online sales when the slower months come? Is there a fung shui for a new print shop? This is a no holds barred cage match of chicken nugget slinging for the community that supports us. This is a show focusing in on making you a creative powerhouse ready for anything. This is where antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • America mirrors The Walking Dead and everyone is getting big league mad.
  • Do more looks catch more fish and how does one style affect your career.
  • How to ask for a raise and when to do it.
  • Developing a three tier system for various budgets and various outputs.
  • Boosting your online sales during slow months and outside factors that can affect it.
  • Margins, full bleed, and faux matting on your artwork.
  • Disneyland pricing secrets, parade etiquette, and how data plans ruin dinner plans.
  • Reducing workplace stress.
  • Attracting clients to get out from under your day job.
  • Contract clauses and gloryholes to plug.
  • Controlling project timelines to keep your clients on board with you.
  • Responding to content over advertising.
  • Getting back to glue and hands.
  • Saying "no" to clients when you morally disagree with them.
  • High end markets in LA, Mark's dream neighborhood, and soul food form the shadier parts of town.
  • Setting up a proper print space and the most important factors for building with the space you have.
  • Planning out a Renegade Summer (or not).
  • Amortizing your costs and plotting schemes to cover your trips.
  • Why it is so important to speak up now.
  • Accountability is the way through.
  • Soft liberals, resisting violence, and approval ratings.