524 - Shop Talk Special Report with Nathan Goldman ok DKNG Studios

We know there is a lot to process right now and that work might seem like the last thing you feel capable of dealing with. America feels plunged in a chaotic whirlwind of orange hair and unstoppable executive orders that are leaving our system of checks and balances in the dust. A lot of Americans feel like some very tiny hands are trying to rip apart the very fabric of democracy and culture of inclusion this nation stands for. We might not be perfect yet but these first few weeks of Trump's presidency has left us feeling like we are in a dangerous backslide of human rights and foreign policy. Mark Brickey and Nathan Goldman take set aside some time to talk about everything happening and how they feel it effects themselves, their business, and the world at large. If you're feeling overwhelmed, if you're feeling enraged, if you're feeling incapable of making a difference... this is one place you can start to set things right. Talk with your friends. Listen to your neighbors. We truly are stronger together.

Talking Points

  • There is a huge hole in Mark's movie repertoire.
  • A longer look at the Miss Skags mishap and her lazy Nate Duval-esque assignments.
  • Watching the bricks of democracy crumble and taking a portal back to the 60's.
  • Productivity metrics from Trump's presidency.
  • The Whitewall and saving government money through design, paint, and all that brand new ad space.
  • Strategic moves, huge mistakes, and executive order memes.
  • Keeping the art community in your corner and creating the right reaction.
  • Is there a storm brewing or are we in the middle of a swirling chaotic tornado?
  • The direct sting we have yet to feel.
  • Threat assessment of bad dudes,
  • DKNG hypothetically goes to Saudi Arabia and Mark definitely goes to Mexico next week.
  • The world's current perception of our country.
  • Cherry picking the Obama  Industry and Cakegate 2017.
  • "Work sets you free" and other times you accidentally copy someone.
  • Jim Koch, episode release strategies, and planning honest interviews.
  • Losing people when you stand up for whats right.
  • Pay attention and stay on the right side of history.
  • Are we over reacting?