514 - Brick & Morty

The International Bromance returns to answer some burning questions and swap a few stories for your listening pleasure. As always, Mark and Sean turn their attention towards Circle Of Trustees questions with direct feet on the ground corespondents sending in questions and complimenting fashionable sweatshirts. This week everyone seems to be wondering how to divide up their skills and keep things as clear as possible for anyone coming to their website. What should you split apart on two separate websites? What should you keep under the same umbrella? Each situation warrants its own answer and along the way we get to hear about market research, promotional strategies, and the morality behind a little action on someone's life. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • The decadent beignet debacle with some Violent Gentlemen.
  • Should you put all of your services under one roof or maintain them as separate entities?
  • A brief review of the LA Art Show Attendees and Mark's favorite performance art pieces.
  • Updates on Billy's health.
  • Conducting market research and controlling the first time people see what you're selling.
  • The Beth Manos Test: Who will buy it? How will they find it? Why will they buy it?
  • The next Wack Packer to pack it in and a serious question in morality.
  • A different take on a slightly different split services question and how to determine whats right for you.
  • Are design blogs still a thing or did social media crush everything?
  • Finding audiences that are excited by the content you;re creating.
  • Follow the culture instead of your fellow designers.
  • The hard sell of stock pieces and their profitability.
  • Fighting against the culture of free jpegs.
  • Mark and Sean's potential dream jobs at Disneyland.
  • The Maps Of Disneyland book and Brickey in a recliner reading it.
  • Why you need a personality to get a woman these days.
  • Planing ahead now that the new year is in full swing.
  • The mourning dog walk and coping with loss.
  • How SXSW Tote Bags can boost your career and booth sales.