501 - Tube 05: Breaking News with Sean Mort

The best team in Breaking News goes live one last time in 2016 and they are pulling out all the stops. Before Mark and Sean take Monday's show behind the paid wall for Circle Of Trust Members only they bring out the big guns and answer some serious listener questions. The pros bring you the pros and cons of keeping utility clients, analyzing your market, and pushing onward to the next level of success. When should you release a new product after the Christmas Season? How do you get your foot in the door of clients with some bigger budgets? Are you doing the wrong thing and you don't even know it. The People's Champ and your favorite podcaster use Breaking News to answer your questions and help give you the tools you'll beed to succeed as a creative in today's world.

Talking Points

  • Mall Kiosk Merchants and The Christmas Guy
  • The trouble with utility clients.
  • Which Renegades are worth your while?
  • An update on James Flames as he burns the candle at both ends.
  • Managing Baby Mort and attending Hamilton in 2017.
  • Sean gets a free membership and Mark realigns some priorities.
  • Leveling off and analyzing your market.
  • Compelling the people to join the Circle Of Trust,
  • What has happened and what hasn't happened for AID.
  • Tapping into the struggle to make the best content.
  • The first AID Universe Civil War.
  • Should you give Christmas some space before you release a new product?
  • The shift away from globalism and looking at who else shit the bed.
  • Squarespace, Etsy, and the key to having your own store.
  • To wait for 8 or just jump over.
  • Getting your foot in the door with larger companies.
  • How the human element bears fruit.
  • Drop a pin. Make a book. Take some meetings.
  • Walking down the DIY road.
  • Executing your own ideas so people know you can perform.
  • Keeping your confidence while you stumble around in the dark.