499 - Tube 07: Bonethrower Brickey Birthday Blowout with special guest Mike Hammer

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It's Mark's birthday blowout and that means he gets to do whatever he wants. If he wants to offer a massive 24" x 36" False Idol print from Bonethrower that has been sold out for a long time now... he gets to do it. If he wants to talk with Mike Hammer of Violent Gentlemen... he gets to do it. If he wants to talk about the new problems that come with a new climate... he gets to do it because that's how birthdays work! Mark and Hammer talk about everything from being a Belieber to social media strategies and a big announcement about some regularly schedules episodes next year. Behind all the fun and fireworks, this episode is packed with chicken nuggets for you like the best length to run a sale, the importance of quality, and winging it once you're the boss. Wish your favorite podcaster Mark Birckey a "Happy Birthday" today and thanks for listening!

Talking Points

  • Getting brownie points from your neighbors.
  • The Bonethrower Tube is opened up and something special is inside.
  • One year for due diligence and being bad business dad's.
  • Less games raises the stakes to a do or die level.
  • Building momentum in your best cities.
  • Marketing towards fellow fans.
  • Making merchandise that resonates with the people.
  • EA Sports' team picking rules.
  • Stylization meets competition and setting up the AID Olympics.
  • Spitballing Hammer Time episode concepts.
  • What is the best length to run a sale?
  • The guy who missed the sale that was never going to buy anything anyways.
  • Social media strategizing and picking your posts.
  • Double Tap Privacy and regramming people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Storytelling 101.
  • Cutting the shit and treating everyone equally.
  • Hammer's guarantee to keep it real.
  • The low down on Lil Dicky.
  • Is Justin Bieber a puck hog?
  • Mud room continuity and the process of taking off your shoes.
  • Staying ready for anything and picking a side.
  • Holiday spikes to your bottom line.
  • The refresh strategy and that special new blouse aura.
  • New climates, new problems, and whats wrong with white interiors.
  • Commit to quality.
  • Hammer takes on the difficult world of kid's clothing.
  • Growth, delegation, and winging it.
  • How to Shell a mall.
  • You're winning or you're learning.