479 - Creep Week 2016: Skinner


Welcome to the world of Skinner. It might not be what you think and that doesn't really matter to him. Don't be distracted by the crazy psychedelic demons pouring out of creepy castles against an apocalyptic sky because right next to that is a well balanced, thoughtful creative who just wants to love and be loved. Skinner left his day job to follow his artistic dreams eight years ago and the journey he has been on personally is nothing short of the unpredictable worlds he has become known for creating. This interview covers everything from giant paintings, to scripts, to over twenty four hours of filming cats walking though puppets, to the best wizard analogy about your career you've ever heard. Leave your pretense at the door as you get to walk through the mind of an artist who has fully embraced marinating in his own weirdness and wants you to do the same. See you on the other side friends!

Talking Points

  • Being creative or being business savvy.

  • Saving your soul from the necessity of being on top of everything.

  • Monetizing and marginalizing creativity.

  • Finding fulfillment in your artistic side and being too quick to please others.

  • Altering your distorted reality to incorporate a healthy mind and body.

  • Valuing your time and energy over everything else.

  • Coming to terms with being the Tiny Tim of your crew.

  • Dealing with your own bag of shit and keeping everyone on a level playing field.

  • The projected hierarchy of importance and finding the real stars out there.

  • Belief, opportunity, and breaking through your own barriers.

  • Seeing the potential in others and doubting your own capabilities.

  • The ingredients no one sees when you make yourself into a Japanese sword.

  • Studying at the Temple and graduating on your own dime.

  • Letting go of acknowledgement and supporting happiness through delegation.

  • The downside of working around the clock to prove yourself right and be way ahead of the curve.

  • The fine line between following your dream to its completion and finding something else along the way.

  • Dropping the pretense of being cool.

  • The mind trap of negativity.

  • Motivation, follow through, and overcoming what overwhelms you.

  • The night and day difference in approaching work you care about.

  • Hitting up the wizard in the castle to get the demon he created to mention Coca Cola.

  • The value in the art we are just giving away.

  • Keeping your price point flexible and judging your customer.

  • Playing hard to get with the people guarding the safe.

  • The mindset you need to determine your worth, develop a style, and not tear down the world you want to become a part of.

  • Marinating in your own weirdness once you get past emulating everyone else.

  • Taking thirty eight years to break out of your own Castle Of Illusions.