475 - Breaking News with Sean Mort and Dan Kuhlken

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Shop Talk for some breaking news that Breaking News is making a special Friday appearance. Join Sean Mort, Mark Brickey, and guest correspondent Dan Kuhlken as an entirely new round of listener questions are answered by your fair and balanced source for the latest happenings in your world. By far... the biggest question on today's broadcast is will Sean ever get speak about the recent success of Northern Craft? Where did the boys get their first big breaks and do television adaptations of films ever find any success? What good is October anyways? Mark, Dan, and Sean unflinchingly answer your questions and lend out their sage advice with over forty collective years of creative experience on everything and anything you want to know about. Keep those questions coming in and stay on the look out for the next Breaking News Bat Signal through AID's Instagram Stories.

Talking Points

  • A brief report on AID Live and a few unusual run-ins.
  • Mark Brickley's Apocalypse Party is announced for November 7th.
  • The idiocracy of American elections.
  • The locker room bond of Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin, and Donald Trump.
  • Making the jump from the big screen to the television.
  • Getting your Dad Dick and the Cat's In The Cradle Moment for little Mark Mort.
  • Missing out on MondoCon and getting stood up overseas.
  • Picking up the dialect.
  • The Strokes, Cars Land, and an Xbox 360.
  • Pitching tents in front of target.
  • AID London meetup is announced for Saturday The 29th.
  • Sharing passport details with foreigners.
  • Is Mark visiting Sean while Star Wars Land is being built at the Mort Castle?
  • The take off moment in Mark's career and how DKNG used the world wide web.
  • Getting some local nationally known clients.
  • Framing your career and generating artwork that generates interest.
  • Where do you customers spend their money?
  • Subject matters that sell.
  • Charting how well Explorer's Club is doing.
  • Who's buying for who and when are they doing it?
  • Striking while the iron is hot and breaking out of the cake momentum.
  • Overcoming international shipping hurdles.
  • Whenever Nathan closes a window, he opens a discount (maybe).
  • A synopsis of Northern Craft and its promotional efforts.
  • DKNG vs. SMPS.
  • Sean's biggest stress and how it proved the worth of Northern Craft.
  • Strategizing on the next steps to take.

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