462 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Bang the drum and brace yourself for a shocking Shop Talk with your true friends Billy Baumann, James Flames, and Mark Brickey. James talks about the success of the process videos he never thought he would make and Billy has some Delicious news about printing, expansion, and a party invitation. The Dream Team reflects on some powerful moments and one member has a big announcement you'll never see coming.* The boys are in rare form and in the spirit of this Shop Talk its only appropriate to say thank you to everyone who makes Adventures In Design a reality be it talking on microphones, calling in to 1-8555-537-5633, or listening through some headphones. We hope everyone can say they took their career a step or two in the right direction because they found some worthwhile advice or some much needed companionship to further their resolve and design a little more happiness into their lives. 
(* = 3.4% margin of error)

Talking Points

  • The hit of the summer versus classic rock epics.
  • East Coast Flavor, West Coast Flavor, and the next big hit on BBC One that's never heard again.
  • Why does anything go viral and what were the color of those stripes on that one dress?
  • Boost groups and follows up to stay at the top of mind.
  • Replicating lightning strikes for a living.
  • Being trapped under ice and participating with the beach.
  • Tyler is going full bleed at Delicious.
  • The DDLY 10 Year Anniversary Open House Celebration.
  • A dying premium service and how to make utility clients from it.
  • The big announcement. Brace yourself.
  • The benefits of regularly appearing on AID.
  • Prioritizing what you like to do based off where it will take you.
  • Evaluating risks and going all in.
  • Billy's bored face as a barometer for content.
  • Toying with your signature move to turn the corner.
  • The daydream of success and a new hope.
  • A big heartfelt thank you and the friendships built at AID.
  • The haircut that solidified everything for Billy.
  • Hillary panders to the Circle Of Trust vote.
  • Presidential branding from first to last names.
  • Sleight of hand tricks that remind us of long standing divides.

The Dwarvenaut by Raving Cyclops Studios
2 out of 4 Cools
Watch the Trailer Here

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke and Peter Harness
2 out of 4 Cools (addendum pending)
3.5 out of 4 Cools (updated cool rating after finishing the series)
Watch the Trailer Here

The Tale of Princess Kaguya by Isao Takahata
4 out of 4 Cools
Watch the Trailer Here