461 - Dawn Hancock of Firebelly Design

Designing happiness into your life is a conscious effort that Dawn Hancock from Firebelly Design has built her business around. From clients to team members... Dawn isn't wasting her precious time or energy on something that doesn't deserve it and that is exactly how she has built a community of supportive people that make a positive difference. Our talents can be used as gifts that elevate our world to a better place without putting us in the poorhouse and Dawn uses her ability to communicate and design mutually rewarding experiences to show everyone that they can do the same thing. That is the business plan of Firebelly Design. That is good design for good reason. For everyone who wants to apply their life towards making the world a better place to live we've posted the full interview with Dawn Hancock in it's entirety to help inspire you down the road that is right. 

Talking Points

  • Getting fired to find what you're best at.
  • The design in delegation and learning to trust.
  • Going on Moon Mode for a whole month.
  • Bruised egos, white flags, and a whole new identity for yourself.
  • Protecting your work by not wasting your energy on people who don't deserve it.
  • Firebelly's balance of traditional clients.
  • Working for free... for a whole year.
  • Using design thinking to challenge yourself and help a good cause.
  • Altruistic Click Bait that lets you shine.
  • Planting yourself in richer soil.
  • Wondering where your nickels go and cracking the code of the universe.
  • Original expectations that lead to heartbreak down the road.
  • How Firebelly U funneled lower paying jobs into a learning experience.
  • Different versions of common sense and being the idiot in the Idiot's Guide.
  • Time as the great equalizer.
  • Partnering with the in house design team that carries the torch when you're all done.
  • Telling the whole story of Firebelly Design.
  • Girl Garage, Gender Equality, and the Red Tornado that could.
  • Finding your Jo.
  • Discovering bagels and coming out all at the same time.
  • How life forges you to be a leader.
  • Not gelling with society's message and flipping the script on tragedy.
  • Creating a community of friends that are more like family.
  • Designing experiences and stepping away from Photoshop.
  • Involving yourself where you want to be recognized.
  • Politics, love, and the hard work of a million people before us.
  • Trustfalls at Firebelly.