459 - Julie Anixter: Executive Director of AIGA

Over one hundred years ago the American Institute of Graphics Arts began its mission to advance design as a professional craft and cultural force. Today it boasts seventy chapters and over twenty five thousand members ranging from design fans to some of the best working practitioners in the creative field. But... what have they done for you? Recently Mark challenged the AIGA to take on the larger responsibility to their members and the world of design by expanding their scope and providing actionable information to improve careers and address the key issues in the creative field today. Julie Anixter recently took the top spot at AIGA as their Executive Director and after seeing Mark's comments asked to be on the show to have an open conversation about his concerns. This full episode is the product of their conversation, differing view points, and future steps for AIGA with a new captain at the helm of whatever type of ship you want to call it.

Talking Points

  • The allure of design to the creative mind.

  • Julie's early career goals and how she integrates that into her passions today.

  • Balancing creativity and business.

  • Corporations discover the power of design.

  • What's missing in the marketplace for young creatives?

  • Being the bazaar and applying design thinking.

  • Available pathways to create relevant change.

  • Integrating education with today's industry.

  • Finding the change thats needed in the design industry.

  • What AIGA is doing right and the type of boat Julie is captaining.

  • Design thinking skills demonstrated on a public platform.

  • The responsibility of AIGA to it's members.

  • Entry level jobs and high end specialties.

  • Helping the army to fight for the army.

  • Has AIGA abandoned the fringe designers?

  • Competition in the industry and walking away form spec work.

  • What challenges does AIGA face today.

  • Unleashing generosity.

Listen back to Shop Talk (Ep 423) where Mark and Sean first talk about AIGA, and what led to this chat with Julie Anixter.