458 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

This just in: a new segment for Monday's Shop Talks is rapidly developing in this episode of Adventures In Design. Mark and Sean are taking questions live covering everything you want to know about from beard choices to morally questionable clients. The Breaking News segment gives your two favorite podcast celebrities the chance to answer your questions directly and serve you the chicken nuggets you've really been craving. From juicy intern gossip, to Creative South speaker interviews, to not overthinking your brand are all covered including an AID Exclusive on the origin story of a particularly big bucket of yellow. Sit back and get ready for an all new aspect of Monday Shop Talk with the International Bromance.

Talking Points

  • Kick off your week with the weather.
  • Ask Mort Anything straight from Instagram Stories.
  • Beards, gravity, and the chin's landing pad.
  • AID Live's first trip to Fairfax and overcoming the traffic of Los Angeles.
  • The strategy of making the live show a monthly event.
  • Sean takes the Creative South's Speaker interview.
  • The origin story of the Big bucket of Yellow.
  • Interns with Netflix accounts.
  • Where will we hold the first official British Circle Of Trust Meet Up?
  • Who's done more to keep the International Bromance alive and kicking?
  • Seeing Sean as a celebrity and the weird thing about media.
  • Video killed the Podcast Star.
  • Four weeks till Northern Craft and things are about to kick into high gear.
  • Pulling out last minute.
  • Getting into the enamel pin game and the problem with overthinking your brand.
  • Preparing to take your first swing.
  • Feeling morally conflicted about potential work.
  • Young, good, and cheap.
  • Technical art skills and what does or doesn't sell.
  • A cop out and a Little Feller pre-order.
  • Mark's gonna have gravy colored eyes.
  • The number one question to ask about where you're coming in on the chain of creativity.
  • Something to consider before you hear AID 459 with the AIGA...
  • Getting off the SS Train.
  • The new, courageous era of Apple.