437 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

Bang the drum and travel through time with us in your favorite phone booth or Delorean because Shop Talk is here. Billy, James, and Mark close out the week just the way you want covering everything from the pressure in process videos to why wearing glasses will get you the career bump you've been waiting for. The Dream Team also gets philosophical this week when they explore the pervasive intellectualism in design culture and it's necessity. Are we talking up what we do to justify the prices we charge to follow our passion or do our design shape culture to the degree we think it does? Actionable advice and even a little backstory on the boys before they launched their current career's round out a Shop Talk that reflects on the past and looks at how to shape the future to what we want.

Talking Points

  • Current news on the Olympics.
  • Phone Booths or Deloreans?
  • The birth of Instagram Stories.
  • The Real Mark Brickey endorses Nate Duval.
  • Settling into a new spot and finding a new spot for the sponge.
  • Delicious Phish glitches and overselling your product.
  • The doom and gloom of merch companies taking over gig posters.
  • Art directing what no one asked your opinion on.
  • A classier take on improving AID.
  • Faux Intellectualism in the world of design.
  • Designing yourself and feeling like an outsider.
  • Is design as precious as we make it out to be?
  • The practical, blue collar advice form AID with real nuts and bolts.
  • Does the New York Philharmonic like The Ramones?
  • A toast to everyone who hasn't made it yet (clink).
  • Curing cancer and working yourself out of a job.
  • Integrity and the nuances in reaching the end goal.
  • The "A Ha" moment on opening doors in your career.
  • Backstory on the boys before their success.
  • Left turns in life.
  • Dreams, aspirations, and why Billy is always hungry.
  • What do you do when you catch what you've been chasing?
  • The pressure of a process video.
  • Howard Stern, Netflix, and a unique look at merchandising.
  • The 30 For 30 on USFL and a peak at Donald Trump before the election.