Circle of Trust Update

Hey Gang!

It was awesome getting to meet so many of you for the first time over the last week of traveling and getting to see some of the familiar faces of the Circle of Trust.  I always enjoy meeting you and hearing about your adventures in design and learning about your life on the other side of this bizarre job. I am truly grateful for all of you! You are a continued blessing that I never ever take for granted. 

Now that I have performed middle out on you, let me give you a COT update for the week. With all of that traveling I couldn't create bonus content for the week. So here's what we have in store for you and you only.

Tuesday - You will get an advance copy of the complete uncensored 2 hour interview with Connie and Jim of Print Mafia. This is unlike any episode we have ever done and somehow I truly turned into BROprah when the interview transitioned into a career intervention. I'll leave it at that! BUTTTTTT (British accent needed) Will ask of you, if you listen, if you enjoy it, PLEASE spread the good word. If you can help hype this for when it drops for the pubic that would be greatly appreciated. I will try my hardest to get you guys some bonus on the street date of the release. 

Thursday - I have had 6 flights in the past 10 days. I spent my airtime racking my slow brain on every way possible that I could imagine one could keep a client coming back for more! The economy could get dicey during this election and I'm being proactive by trying to arm each of you with the best knowledge possible to weather any upcoming financial storms. I have recruited Nathan Goldman of DKNG, one of the sharpest business minds that I know, to be my cohost for this TOUGH LOVE Special, 12 Ways To Keep Clients Coming Back For More. Nathan and I will explore my 12 concepts that are all based around simple but actionable steps to make sure you can get folks coming back for more of your talents in exchange for their cash monies. 

That's what I got! If you enjoy any of the bonus material please spread the good word and let others know. That helps us grow the show! 

Good Day & Good Design.... TEAM YOU!


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