429 - The DKNG Show: Chapter 4

Dan Khulken and Nathan Goldman return to Adventures In Design for the fourth installment of The DKNG Show. This chapter brings us to the halfway point of the fiscal year so we get another monumental piece of the DKNG puzzle of success, their finances. Hear Nathan, Dan, and Mark go over the predictions and goals DKNG set for themselves at the start of 2016 and how close they are to hitting those milestones. The Circle Of Trust content covers the breakdown of their revenue and how the balance of client work and building the brand of DKNG Studios is reflected across their bottom line as well as what that tells them about where to invest their time. Mix that all in with the incredible analyzation of projects that went out their door over the past two months and you have yet another chicken nugget packed episode laying out the pillars of how to build a long lasting and sought after design firm. 

Talking Points

  • Are DKNG hitting their goals for 2016?
  • Analyzing your goals and making a plan even if its a moving target.
  • Chasing the ball or catching it and standing still.
  • The danger of following rules too closely.
  • Showing our clients just enough.
  • Using your work to send out calling cards for your next project.
  • Approaches and budgeting for silkscreen production or digital printing.
  • Building a city for Ticketmaster and planning out the activities in each section.
  • Nate's corporate lingo game is strong.
  • What went wrong with Ticketmaster's poster in the 11th hour?
  • Maintaining working relationships when shit hits the fan and when to hold your client's feet to the fire.
  • Client approval or making a deadline: which is more important?
  • DKNG On Ice coming to a city near you.
  • Creating a Skillshare class.
  • Practicing your presentation again, and again, and again.
  • Two ways to get paid to teach.
  • #cantbeatTED
  • Dan and the Melting Salesman Cap.
  • The difficulty in cause and effect studies with no control group.
  • The misleading numbers that get tied up with weather, products, and budgets.
  • Should you lose at life to win the weekend?
  • Social media marketing for craft fairs and where you place the BBQ at Home Depot.
  • Representing your brand and gauging your audience.
  • The financial breakdown of DKNG's income streams.
  • Getting rehired and your clients need for diversity in branding.
  • Where's your dream bush?
  • Are you a passing trend? Are you making satisfactory work for your clients?
  • Finding free money.
  • The relationship between marketing and new business.
  • The double sided coin of big checks and small random deposits.
  • Poster design briefs and the varying degrees of communication across a project.
  • Captain Kill Fee and the elephant in the room.
  • The "quick" $250 check to be tethered to a client for too long.
  • Branding another creative with style guides.
  • When your clients emotionally detach form your hard work.
  • Sabotaging throwback merchandise to do your best.
  • The truth about sports

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