428 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

It's the dead of summer and Mark and Sean are here to kick off your week with a cool, tall glass of Shop Talk.  With everyone busier than ever this international bromance debates over when the best time to take off is to maximize your time on. Sean has a great idea for a poster and he and Mark strategize the best way to roll it out when you don't want to give away the punchline. Lastly, the boys stand up for the working class mentality Adventures In Design is built around and the ongoing quest to bring everyone the most value possible out of every episode. Many antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Let's skip August and get straight to September.
  • Staying motivated and getting back into work mode.
  • Strategically choosing when your down time should be.
  • Which months are the worst to work through and asking for time off from your friends and not your spouse.
  • Taking Rogue One to the Austin Motor Inn, and f she lives through that, the rest of America.
  • Analyzing potential markets and Sean Mort in a cowboy hat.
  • Planning two days in Nashville.
  • 6 eyes meet in LA.
  • Why New Orleans is the worst city in America.
  • Promoting your prints online and holding back for the punchline.
  • Strategic roll outs and crafting a good idea.
  • Passing on money making tools by sharing the numbers and what Mark tries to get out of each interview.
  • The working class mentality that is AID.
  • Mark gets an agent.
  • The story of Adventures In Design whether it succeeds or goes down in flames.
  • AID live is announced.
  • 15 hour days and paper shredders inside luxury cars.
  • LA's Billboard game is strong.
  • David's on-air intervention.
  • Coming Up / Currently Airing / Watching Off Air
  • Sharing Stranger Things.
  • Sean has a horrendous recording cock up.
  • Cobbler Envy
  • Disneyland news and updates.
  • Redesigning a high rise into a sci-fi factory.
  • Eric Tan excitement.