417 - Thomas Page "Please Stop Killing One Another"

In response to the violence last week in America, Mark steps out to try and make whatever small changes he can personally to make his world a better place. On the morning of his change he stumbles across one man, holding a sign, and takes this as a sign to randomly interview this person of peace. The short but sweet interview created a different kind of episode for the dead middle of the summer season and hopefully influences you to make whatever small change you can and in turn pass that change to another. 

“The truth is that it comes from a root of suffering.”

Adventures In Design will continue to be a place we challenge each other to grow collectively as a community. Thomas Page has stared at his adversity and chosen to reflect the positivity within himself onto others. By recognizing other perspectives, listening, and speaking with humility Thomas has designed his life to improve the world he loves and the people within it. Design is love. Use your talent to create and inspire yourself and others to communicate about our shared experience of life and build up the following generations to approach life with a broader perspective and a slower temper. This is what can happen when you simply speak to a stranger and learn their perspective on the world you also live. Good Day. Good design.