399 - Shop Talk with Sean Mort

The People's Champ and Billy's Padawan, Sean Mort, returns for another unbelievable Shop Talk Monday. However, this talk focuses in on the Shop itself, Adventures In Design, as a hub for actionable and honest content for artists. After AIGA released an article on design podcasting Mark squares up to an industry pillar that has been left unchallenged for too long. Together, Sean and Mark break down the shortcomings with AIGA's current method of creating and distributing content to their members and how that compares to the actual world 95% of us will work in. Do you learn more from a kid's gloves, surface level look at a select few successful creatives or from a curse filled, no holds barred conversation with creatives from different walks of life? Screw your Buzzfeed list of things you know, AID is here to help you design happiness into your life creatively, financially, and as independently as you want. Team Fugazi!

Talking Points

  • Is Sean Mort slowly morphing into the next Cobra?
  • Mark's official rebuttal for his television pitches.
  • Catching up on the latest in movies and tv.
  • Ruth blackballs Mark on social media.
  • Beth's nutritional journey and taking time to care for yourself.
  • Primavera Sound and Sean's battle against Radiohead.
  • The natural high of selling your artwork and being a part of the consumer's experience.
  • Athletes sacrificing their bodies and artists saving theirs.
  • AIGA writes an article on Design Podcasting. Mark responds. Thoroughly.
  • The differences in how AID covers the world of art and design versus how AIGA does.
  • Why AIGA turns a blind eye to the clientless approach to self employment and design.
  • Exemplifying On-Air honesty and keeping things fair.
  • Creating pertinent, useful, and actionable content for a career in art.
  • Mad Men or Glad Men and the satisfaction from working on your terms.
  • Including the human element in your work.
  • Sean searches for a balance in the applicants for Northern Craft.
  • Learning from other successful people in your industry.
  • The constant fires you put out as the point person.
  • Learning as you go when there is no template to work off of.
  • Will Sean add a squire to his empire?
  • New X-Men Show and Rogue One reshoots.
  • Disneyland speculations.