398 - Shop Ten OMG Poster Countdown Talk Crossover with Billy Baumann and Mitch Putnam

The very first crossover episode within the AID Universe is here! With Mitch back in the James Flames seat for today's Shop Talk, Mark sees an opportunity for Billy to be special guest for the OMGposters.com Top Ten Poster Countdown in May as well. After the boys analyze hero worship in American culture and Mark gets a little bit of bullying the countdown kicks off. This is a very special combination of people for the poster critiques which offers a three dimensional view of the entire process of from ideation to point of sale. Mark comes from the consumer perspective, Mitch brings in the production aspect of each piece, and Billy brings his acute artistic eye to the analytical side of each poster. Antics ensue.

Talking Points

  • Billy tries to become Mark's Budget Analyst.
  • Upholding athletes and actors as important cultural figures.
  • Remembering Muhammad Ali
  • How many colors is too many colors on a screenprinted poster?
  • Matching artists skill set to subject matter.
  • Do posters need to withstand the test of time or be culturally relevant?
  • Watching art history in the making.
  • The importance of critiques and learning through inspection.
  • Consider the eye path in a poster and how to control it.
  • The old school and new school on the focal point(s).
  • Light on metal and appropriately rendering it.
  • Telling a story within the poster.
  • Evoking successful period projects through style, execution, and the emulation of the technological constraints of that time.
  • What do snakes mouth's look like?
  • Visual tricks that mess with the mind.
  • Matching your typeface to the poster.
  • Creating and properly using textures.
  • Simplifying your poster for clarity and impact.
  • Why posters don't sell out as frequently overseas.
  • How to name art.
  • Selling the emotion and not the marketing points.
  • The demise of Gigposters.com
  • Is it better to burn out or to fade away?
  • The pains of resisting the market evolution and holding on too tight to what used to work.
  • A serious look at the current state of the American Poster Institute.