379 - Shop Talk with Billy Baumann and James Flames

It's time to hang out with the dream team that made Adventures In Design what it is today. This Shop Talk embodies the unpredictable fun you've come to expect when Mark, Billy, and James get together and invite you in as the fourth co-worker in the conversation. Music. Movies. Mayhem. It's all in there and it's not at all serious despite the Godfather's best attempts to infuse any amount of design talk into the hang out episode of the century.

Talking Points

  • Mark Wants To Give You A Bit Of Free Advice: The Podcast
  • The Smiths, Mixtapes, and discovering the music that shapes you.
  • The (predicted) end of mega-corporations.
  • How Axl Rose ties Old-chella in with Coachella.
  • Hearing music the way it is meant to be heard. Live.
  • DJ CropMark's killer set at SLO.
  • Popping Mollies in front of Papa Flames.
  • What happens when you don't make a will.
  • Sort of remembering Prince.
  • A breakdown of Mark's overall joke structure.
  • The secret behind crafting movie reviews.
  • James Flames' future food poisoning.
  • Sort of open house at the new Delicious Design League Headquarters.
  • Mark's long running history as a master conversationalist.
  • The music Billy was raised on.
  • Differentiating Mark's love for Disney movies and characters with Mark's love for Disney Theme Parks.
  • Visual gags and the art of story telling through cartoons.
  • Revisiting the Kozik versus Print Mafia versus KFC.
  • The legal grounds within social commentary, satire, and intellectual property rights.
  • The new lawsuit against Starbucks and how its relates to Mark's extra ice issue (I've seen this go down in person and he's not lying about complaining to the barrista).
  • James Flames' firm stand on hot beverages.
  • Seri's first shotgun experience.
  • Billy suffers from an unfair double standard.
  • How to keep Robert from Chicago out