372 - Storyteller with Mark Brickey

Today's Adventure will be a different one. Across three years we have been given glimpses into Mark's personal life and what has shaped him into the host we have all come to know and love. In Episode 372 we are given a closer look at a both a defining and tragic moment that Mark has drawn from for perspective and for hope. Hopefully, through sharing this story we all can grow a little closer and see how even a wildly successful professional podcaster can face some seemingly impassable obstacles that are overcome through time, persistence, and community. If you take anything away from this, remember one of the most powerful tools you have in changing our world for the better is being kind to other people. You never know when something as simple as a compliment or a thank you can trigger a ripple of effects that lead someone else to a profound sense of happiness and accomplishment they never knew possible. So, with that, thank you. You look nice today. I know I already double tapped your selfie but I thought actually telling you would leave a bit more of an impact. See how easy it is!?! 

After something sharing a story like this, we are also including one other change to the status quo for today's episode. Mark's story is sadly far from unique and while there are many avenues of seeking help for yourself or someone close to you, we wanted to share a few links for anyone who might not know where to start on their own personal journey to redesigning happiness back into their lives.

The Official Website for the National Institue of Health
Information about Depression from NIH
Information about Suicide Prevention from NIH