363 - Jason Munn

Jason Munn has built a quiet style of observation and substitution in the spaces between the louder moments of our lives. The simplicity in his work speaks volumes about the confidence the ideas behind his design and the subtlety in the communication of it. Join AID as we sit down with Jason to hear about his career and his rise in the world of rock posters. 

- How his book as The Small Stakes elevated his career and encapsulated a time in his career.

- Viewing each project as a singular piece of work and not as an entire body of work

- Designing by subtraction to create work that communicates with as little as possible

- Feeling stuck in a style due to customer expectations.

- Learning when you're done with a project you've been working on. 

- Choosing the appropriate style to work in for a client.

- How much do you put yourself into your work and the projects you decide to take on.

- Finding yourself as an artist while in the public's eye and enjoying that journey.

- How the digital world encroaches upon available subject matter for Jason's style of work. 

- Creating a narrative in your work based off the hints and breadcrumbs an artist leaves for you in their work. 

- The trials and tribulations of moving to the greatest state in the nation.

In The Circle of Trust

- The thought process behind choosing a moniker for your business or working under your own name while thinking long term about your career.

- How losing the joy in designing is linked to losing the balance in your personal life. 

- Learning within struggle to come out better on the other side. 

- Seeing imitation as flattery, not plagiarism, and understanding that it is an early step in anyone's design career to emulate their heroes. 

- Developing your own set of design tricks over time. 

- Mark and Jason share their favorite put down of their work from people standing in their booth. 

- The struggle in getting the general public, and even your clients, to understand your style. 

- How struggling with the problem solving aspect of design can affect you personally

- Finding varying degrees of yourself in your work and your audiences perception of your work onto how they see you.

- Making the moments in between special and the difficulty in making them resonate. 

- Reveling in the in between moments and making them resonate and the difficulty in hitting that mark. 

- The lessons of skateboarding applied to designs and how that stubborn streak is a double edged sword. 

- Finding the best workflow for yourself, knowing when to stop, and what you need to do to reset your clock and approach your work with fresh eyes.