314 - Strong Stuff with Tom Whalen

Tom Whalen joins us today and we recap his career achievements of 2015 from creating posters for Guardians of The Galaxy, Pac-Man and Sponge Bob to doing his first ever full title cover for Marvel Comics. We hear all about Tom’s first year of full time freelance. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 314
• Then and Now. Tom breaks down the differences in doing his illustration job full time versus years before when there was also a part time job to manage. 
• Caught In The Middle. The constant struggle of doing your creative profession but keeping up with the administrative tasks of running your own business. 
• First, Second and Third Place. Mark evaluates his favorite 3 Tom Whalen prints of 2015 and explains why he thinks the pieces are successful, while Tom offers insight and behind the scenes info on the prints. 
• What Goes Around Comes Around. Tom Whalen reached a 360º moment in his career this year when accomplishing his first Marvel Comics cover illustration.
• How Much Is Enough. Tom and Mark talk about comps versus finals and how Tom Whalen has nailed the perfect amount to show clients for approval, so that he can get lost and have fun filling in all the details… so many details.
• Predicting The Future. Many artists that work on high profile media projects go in blind creating designs before actually viewing the project, we talk about focusing on character versus story.
• Same Shit Different Day. Tom has applied his signature design style to three dimensional wood sculptures. Hear how he adjust his game for a new medium.

In The Circle of Trust Paid Bonus Content
• Missed Opportunity. The laser cutter is so much more than a fancy printer, too bad it’s often treated that way.
• What Was Harder, What Got Easier. Mark asks Tom a series of questions on how his expectations and day dreams measured up to the reality of going full time freelance. 
• A Little Goes A Long Way. Keeping a healthy amount of stress or worry in your life. 
• Oh Brother! Working with the Peanuts brand and how Tom has become a master at old Charle Brown.

The Nucleus of Trust Content Only Some Will Care About After The Episode
Toms review of Star Wars Force Awakens and Mark’s new character Rylo & Ken
How Mark and SquareSpace helped Tom get his web groove back.