353 - Alex Libby of ProductionPro

Episode 353 - Alex Libby of ProductionPro

Today Mark and Alex Libby talk about the invention and inspiration of the ProductionPro app. After exploring different possible creative applications for his new app the guys get into the economics of of building a dream. Imagine working for two years on a project that yields no direct income only debt. Alex shares the story of managing your dream, team, funding and emotions while you try to build a product that you truly believe will make a huge difference in the creative community. On today’s episode we bet big to win big with Alex Libby of Production Pro. 

Alex Libby, is the founder and CEO of ProductionPro. He developed the concept for ProductionPro while working closely with director Stephen Daldry during production of Warner Bros.’ Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  Other favorite credits include: Wicked, Billy Elliot The Musical, In The Heights, and The 2012 London Olympic Ceremonies.

ProductionPro is the simplest way to share and visualize a show. Film, Theatre, Television or Live Events, ProductionPro is the first platform for Show People.

Talking Points
- Managing your team and being a good leader.
- The hardest part of building tech from scratch. 
- 3 biggest lessons learned from creating Production Pro