354 - Non Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

Episode 354 - Non Shop Talk with Billy Baumann

Have Mark & Billy reached the end of their 4 year conversation or is a baby, a mouse and a magic hangover wearing down our co-hosts. 

Non Talking Points on Episode 354
- Circle of Trust Day at Disneyland Monday, April 25th. 
- Mark has Flatstock and Billy has C2E2 today. The guys talk about their events this weekend.
- The iMac Black Screen of Death. Mark is in big trouble and drifts further out of love with Apple.
- AT&T and their illegal treatment of the unlimited data user.
- Tips on buying a car. Never let the salesman know that you own your own business. 
- What video games are Billy and Mark playing?
- Professor Billy gives teaching advice after hitting his one year anniversary.
- Getting deep on the time continuum, has life been Groundhog’s Day since high school?
- Mark “Survivalist” Brickey and Billy “Don’t Get Involved” Baumann have a talk about airplanes, crowds and the apocalypse. 

 Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
- Always have a plan.
- What do you do when the stress runs out? Mark is trying adjust to his new, relatively stress free, life. Has he been addicted to the chase?
- The career long reoccurring fundamental problems that every designer with client faces today and probably always will.
- Pissing in the shower.
- Does the 2016 Presidential Race indicate the end of an empire? Is America falling apart or has it always been this bad?