331 - Mike Bonifer of bigSTORY

Episode 331 - Mike Bonifer “Big Story”

Mike Bonifer founder of bigSTORY joins Adventures In Design to explain why storytelling is an important art for businesses of all sizes to practice and how great storytelling can help strengthen your brand. 

Talking Points on Episode 331 with Mike Bonifer of bigSTORY
- Mike & Mark bond over middle of America rural roots that helped them both craft the art of storytelling.
- How organizational storytelling can help create common ground.
- We learn about the concept of quantum storytelling and what business can learn from professional improv. 
- How improvers believe that the story already exist.
- If you consider yourself street smart your probably applying the art of improv into your decision making and storytelling. 
- Mark has Mike Bonifer critique his often used “the bridge that doesn’t bend” metaphor… Does Mark pass the test?

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
- Today’s professional is much more free of tied down responsibilities than the laborers of generations past, but do you maximize the freedoms of our time. 
- How do you put a price tag on teaching big ideas or big concepts.
- Mike Bonifer explains how he visualizes the corporate structure not as a pyramid but as a wheel. 
- Good Stories About Good People. How a blog post written by Mike resonated with a major airline.
- The art of public speaking and what Mike has learned to give himself the confidence to perform on a stage of any size.
- Did Tron live up to it’s promise? Mike worked on the original Tron as a publicist and shares the failures and success of this pop culture icon.
- Mark compliments Mike Bonifer and bigSTORY for walking the walk behind talking the talk and having an amazingly diverse team of people working within his company.