313 - Best Posters of 2015 with Mitch Putnam and special guest Rob Jones

On the second Wednesday of every month we get together with our friend Mitch Putnam from OMGposters.com and review the months best posters and art prints. However, this time we are reviewing the best posters of the year. 

New in 2016 we have added printmaking celebrity guests and started off with non other than Rob Jones, Rob is the art director for Mondo and an accomplished gig poster artist, he has a close working relationship with Jack White and has created all official concert posters for all of Jack White’s bands as well as album artwork. He joins us to give his behind the scenes information and his professional opinion on the top posters from 2015 as picked by Mark Brickey from the pages of OMGposters.com.

Top 12 Posters

Talking Points on Todays Episode
• The top 12 posters of 2015.
Why the prints are successful, what makes them standout and background info on the artists that created these pieces.
• We give away the Toys4Tots prizes for donation to our December toy drive. 

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
• We talk to Rob Jones about his transition from gig poster collage artist to satiric illustrator for his developing personal work. 
• Using depression to stay creative but what happens when you get happy?
• The culture shift of Mondo as a company. How things are different for 2016 after a staff shakeup. 
• The benefit of work retreats and getting away from the office as a team.
• Rob’s work flow and work load as art director of Mondo.
• The tremendous expense of vinyl packaging artwork and the narrow profit margins.