312 - Dan Stiles - “Tales From Retail: The Holiday Popup Strategy Guide”

This past holiday season Dan Stiles and his wife Melissa (a fellow artisan) loaded up their handmade goods and opened up a holiday retail popup shop for 8 weeks in downtown Portland, OR. Hear we get the uncensored truth on the results of the daily retail grind and in the Circle of Trust (Paid Content) we give our strategy, advice and best wishes on how to properly set yourself up for holiday retail success… realizing that retail is a monster like no other. 

Talking Points on Episode 312
• You Can’t Go In Alone. Working with your city to find a temporary location. 
• The Balancing Act. Trying to get your your real work done, while babysitting your store.
• Location, Location, Location. Retail environments: finding a space that works for you.
• Finding Cinderella. The perfect fit on finding the right customers with your niche product.
• Santa’s Little Helper. Enjoying the holiday season by being a part of others gifting experience. 
• Friends or Fighting. Making the most of your new downtown neighbors. 
• When to Pull Out? Where does the profit really come from in the financial merry go ound of retail. 
• More Money, More Problems. Whatever money you make takes time and or resources to regenerate. 
• Lost At Sea. How does anyone really jump finically to that next level of living.

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content) The Holiday Popup Strategy Guide
• Setting retail budgets, figuring out the real cost.
• When to start stocking up on your holiday inventory.
• The money you bring is not your paycheck, constant reinvesting. 
• When to stop replacing inventory on the holiday run.
• Email remains king when keeping contact with your customers. Tips on how to not abuse the power.
• Designing the perfect Sale.
• The hidden time managements traps of setting up a retail space.
• Creating retail urgency.
• Planning your events ahead of time. Make a reason for people to visit your space. 
• Will Dan do it again?