310 - Shop Talk with James Flames “The Disruption”

Billy’s out with food poisoning, Mark and James use their alone time to talk a ton of entertainment industry and media business. 

Topics on Today’s Show
• The Brickey’s Sleeping Arrangements
• LA’s Proposed NFL Stadium and New Team(s)
• Is Selena Gomez Hot?
• Guns N Roses Reuniting
• The Fine Wine That Is The Rolling Stones
• When Rock N Roll Was Dangerous And Seemed Reckless
• Mark’s Mom’s Crazy Ex Boyfriend Stories
• Leasing Music Versus Buying Music
• Traditional Media Labeling New Media As Disruptive Media

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
• Breaking Down The Power and Profitability of Television
• Breaking Down The Disney Corporations Different Divisions of Earning
• Why A Designer Is A Well Rounded Business Professional
• Everything Starts With Art
• How Employees Can Be Good At Their Job, But Entrepreneurs Have To Be Great At Theirs
• Allowing Distance To Happen Between You and Your Company
• Streamline Your Production To Be Able To Create More
• The Growth of Video On The Internet
• YouTube’s Growth And Major Viewing Categories
• James Flames Star Wars Force Awakens Review