309 - Pin Game Strong with Nate Duval

AID favorite Nate Duval stops by to give us straight talk on sales, marketing, production and to slightly brag about how STRONG his pin game is. Remember if you can’t say it with emojis, you can’t say it.

Topics In Today’s Episode:
• Advice on Constructing A Good Sale on Your Website
• Enamel Pins: The Myths, The Facts, The Strategy
• A Record of The Year By Courtney Barnett
• Creating A Streamlined Professional and Personal Instagram Account
• Webmasters and Bad Wizards
• Making Funny Products As A Sly Marketing Tool
• Making Industry Trends Work For You

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Content)
• A Record of The Year By Leon Bridges
• Outsourcing: Realizing Your Limits
• Print On Demand T-Shirts
• A Free Business Idea
• Licensing Your Artwork / Playing The Client Guessing Game
• Designing Ahead of The Curve
• Designing To The Home Market