284 - Mike Giant

Due to the content of this episode, in reaction to the events in Paris. There is no exclusive Circle of Trust content in episode 284. This episode is free to all, with no ads.  To make this episode about business or profit would simply be in bad taste.

Thanks for your support and understanding! -Mark Brickey

Episode 284 - Mike Giant

Mike Giant is a legendary illustrator and tattoo artist.

Our first episode back since the November, 11, 2016 terrorist attacks in Paris. Mark shares his thoughts and makes a promise in the wake of the tragic event. Today’s show is commercial free and available to all listeners in its entirety. 

Mike Giant explains how being color blind led to his famous Sharpie style of illustration and how he uses a different methodology when bombing the city with graffiti via spray paint. What makes the perfect female model for his unique tattoo inspired pinups. Learning to fight as a kid to defend himself for not fitting in and how these days make him not inserted in seeing any violence in the movies that he watches. The simple pleasures in having good penmanship. Mike Giant’s open hearted approach to religion, money and politics.