283 - “The Many Looks of” Mike Mitchell From MondoCon 2. Plus Special Circle of Trust Guest Sean Mort.

Mike Mitchell is an artist in Austin, TX. Sean Mort is a "person".

We explore the many looks of Mike Mitchell and how he came up with the concept of allowing himself to explore the same topics over and over again. Feeling free by having different styles for different days and different emotions. How we both envy people that have time to wait in line. Lastly the squirrel that crossed his path! Plus another round of MondoCon Hire, Fire and Retire.

In The Circle of Trust with Sean Mort
We have a Monday Morning Shop Talk lined up with Sean Mort. We talk about his recent Renegade London, the anticipated advertising rollout of Force Awakens, the success and announcement of Antman 2 and how these comic book films aren’t really that far away from our careers and a rare Monday phone call from Robert from Chicago.