259 - Kevin Dopp: N.Y.C. (New York Credit)

Kevin Dopp is a mens apparel designer that has worked at Burton, Grenade, Ralph Lauren, and currently is the head of outerwear design for Lands End.

Talking Points You’ll Hear on Episode 259
- Explaining to your guy friends that you want to design dresses as a career and then realizing how much girls dig it.
-  Discovering fashion as a young man and being confused in the process. 
- How a goofy term like metrosexual opened the door for a new exploration of consumer products for today’s man.
- Discovering quality and craftsmanship in your clothing.
- Designing Olympic Uniforms.
- Stigmas associated with a tag that reads “Made In China”.
- Work life balance while meeting the demands of a industry that designs a year ahead.
- The step by step process on creating a seasonal line of clothing.
- Seeking out a job where you know everyone will be better than you and using this opportunity as graduate school where you’re getting paid to learn.

Circle of Trust (Paid Member Content)
- Working remotely.
- Choosing to live in a environment that inspires you. 
- More men’s fashion and clothing design talk.