244 - Godmachine

British illustrator GODMACHINE joins us for his long awaited first appearance on Adventures In Design. 

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 244
- There’s more to learn from something you don’t understand.
- Letting the kid inside of you steer your career and receiving a present from your past self.
- Learning to be a good listener, to be a good speaker.
- Committing to a personal style.
- Posting photos of your cat online and letting down the walls of skulls an horror.
- Publishing a book of your work. 

In The Circle Of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- The decision to create digital work.
- Fear of blogging and being rolled by the trolls versus being free to speak your mind on the podcast.
- Batman through the eyes of Godmachine.
- Not worrying about retiring when you hope to work till you die.
- No apologies for being successful.