217 - Dan Mumford

British illustrator and printmaker Dan Mumford catches up with Mark while visiting Los Angeles for his recent opening at Gallery 1988.

Talking Points You’ll Hear On Episode 217
- Dan shares with us how doing artwork for a friends band turned into a great career starter as that band got signed to a major label and came back to Dan for more work, all while he was wrapping up his time at university. 
- A shared bond over the loneliness of freelance and the importance of that daily commute.
- Feeling like others were catching up with his look and style, Dan decided to take  4 months of to focus on getting better at illustrating and it paid off BIG time.
- The difference a year can make in your career.
- Why it’s so important to stay hungry!

In The Circle of Trust (Paid Subscriber Content)
- Dan’s personal balance of working on fan art or inspired artwork for himself or art galleries.
- The pain of illustrating the human face.
- Composition and sketching, how much do you preplan.
- How going too far away from client work makes it almost impossible to go back to working with others.
- Dan’s in a relationship with a gallery owner and shares how they each help the other understand the art world from their different vantage points.